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Working on my 2018 round up, so heres one single photograph from every single shoot completed this year, they are not particularly the best images, there are some people who don’t want their images online so detail shots have been chosen instead, but every single image I’ve chosen means something to me, a moment, a memory or just gives me a smile when I look at it.

I love doing this because I’ll be honest, I don’t actually count how many shoots I do a year until the end. Obviously I know how many weddings I do but all the other bits, pre shoots, family, product, workshops etc - not a clue! I’m so shite at admin and I rarely have time to wash my hair let alone do paperwork.

So I was rather gobsmacked when I discovered I’d managed to squeeze in 95 photoshoots this year. To my photography buddies this will be crap, but considering I worked full time up until September and now a four day week as a secondary school teacher that’s pretty damn good. It also explains why I feel like I’ve died ten times over and ended the year a stone heavier, with an extra five wrinkles to my forehead. 

Business wise, it’s been amazing, personal wise, it could have been better but after this year I’m a firm believer in letting the universe guide me to where I’m supposed to be. ( Yes I know it sounds like utter bullshit but I need to believe that there is a reason why I’m still not a mummy) I decided to share my infertility journey with many of you not for sympathy but because I want to break the silence and stigma. Our first round of IVF didn’t work but we are so incredibly grateful for our team at CARE Nottingham who got us three beautiful frozen embryos to use in 2019. Yes it’s oversharing but I really don’t care, I’ve met so many people sharing this journey and it has been, at times, a desperately lonely place and some days a struggle to keep going.  

I am setting myself a personal project for 2019, and that is to continue talking about Infertility, I will be announcing a photography project early in January 2019 calling for anyone who has experienced IVF, infertility, secondary infertility, miscarriage, still births and child loss. Not to dwell on what we have not got, but to celebrate and remember the things we have. ( it won’t be morbid, it will be beautiful) So if you’re reading this and you have been affected, you don’t mind sharing your story and raising awareness then please send me a little message. I am seeing every set back I have as a reason to raise awareness any way I can and to hopefully educate people. I am also on the look out for a photographer to capture our story, I would ideally like somebody who has experienced this and so if you are interested in being part of my project please get in touch.

2019... two destination weddings booked in to Denmark and Tuscany, 24 others in an incredible range of venues all over the country. I’m so very very lucky that I have photography in my life because this year it’s saved me. I’ve run three workshops this year, moved from a sole trader to a Limited Company and met some incredible friends in the photography world. In January 2018 I vowed I was going to say yes to every opportunity thrown my way and I have. I genuinely believe that’s how I’ve made it to the end, mostly smiling, the occasional tantrum (standard) but still finding the funny in every day life and documenting it on insta stories. This has been the best year yet, despite set backs, I really wouldn’t have changed a thing.

This year I’ve been honoured to capture so many beautiful stories, I’ve photographed people going through cancer, really horrific difficult times, losses and yet they still have the biggest smile on their faces. Human beings are amazing.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you to all for the love, support and best wishes in both my business and personal endeavours, there were times I wanted to give it all up but with the help of some very special people I made it through. What’s the saying? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? 

I’m like f**king He-man right now and I have the fringe to prove it! Come and get me 2019……………… Thank you x

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