What a year!

28,681 images taken over 20 weddings and 51 family/corporate/baby/engagement sessions. I've Travelled to Iceland, Mallorca, West coast of the UK and Croatia. 

I have met some amazingly beautiful talented and creative people who have inspired me, helped me and become my friends. I've made many happy memories. It really has been a year to remember.

Photographing lives is a huge responsibility and something that I don't take lightly.  I am so grateful to every single enquiry, comment, referral and booking that I get. I have learnt more about my style this year than in the past ten years of doing this. Mainly thanks to a couple of people who have been key to this, Jenny Appleton and Nicola Dixon, two incredibly talented photographers who have inspired me throughout 2017.

 Balancing a teaching job alongside photographing is tough and I'd just like to say thank you for your patience waiting for correspondence and delivery of images, I have been so lucky to have wonderful clients. 

A huge thank you to every single person who has booked me, it means the world to me. I love taking photographs, I have loved watching couples get married and families grow. I am so very privileged.

So here are my top 100 photos of 2017, one from every session I've had the joy of capturing... in some cases two.

Bring on 2018.... my biggest year yet. With wedding locations I could only ever have dreamt of and some amazing couples. I'm so excited!

 Love and best wishes for Christmas and The New Year... Jo x



Abby and Ben-Abby and Ben-0010.jpg
Catherine and Chris-Catherine and Chris-0011.jpg
louie at 6 months-louie-0081.jpg
Tara and Liam-13.jpg
Blea Tarn-Desktop-0003.jpg
Lillie 6 months-wetransfer 987efa-0009.jpg
Guebjorg Dan-Wedding-0052.jpg
Rhea Chris-Rhea-0019.jpg
The Englands-The Englands-0012.jpg
Pooches and People-Pooches and People-0057.jpg
Abbi Ben-Edited-0015.jpg
Abbi Ben-Edited-0006.jpg
Marie and Lee-Marie and Lee-0016.jpg
Holly and Keith-Couple Shots-0002.jpg
Nikki Phil-Couple Shots-0036.jpg
Sian and Thomas-The Ceremony-0080.jpg
emma and mark-emma and mark-0016.jpg
Mr and Mrs Johnson-Couple Shots-0025.jpg
Mr and Mrs Banks-Prep-0067.jpg
Kirsty and James-K J-0011.jpg
PRA Prom 2017-PRA Prom 2017-0007.jpg
Charlie and Lily-Tina and Ben-0029.jpg
Tara and Liam-Couple-0011.jpg
charlotte ben-Couple Shots-0006.jpg
Mr and Mrs Davies-Snowdonia-0101.jpg
Mrs and Mrs Allwood-Evening Doo-0002.jpg
The West Coast-Desktop-0021.jpg
charlotte ben-Details-0002.jpg
Chester at 14 months-Chester-0035.jpg
Mrs and Mrs Allwood-Couple Shots-0005.jpg
charlotte ben-Prep-0011.jpg
Mrs and Mrs Allwood-Couple Shots-0003.jpg
Creation Station-Creation Station-0059.jpg
Holly and Keith-Prep-0009.jpg
Kirsty and James-Bridal Prep-0064.jpg
steph and simon-steph and simon-0012.jpg
Twins first birthday-twins-0020.jpg
Twins first birthday-twins-0033.jpg
steph and simon-steph and simon-0018.jpg
barn on farm-barn on farm-0018.jpg
Kirsty and James-Bridal Prep-0003.jpg
barn on farm-barn on farm-0028.jpg
Kirsty and James-Couple-0005.jpg
Isla-untitled folder-0012.jpg
Lauren and Jordon-Lauren and Jordon-0001.jpg
Kev and Fi-Couple Shots-0008.jpg
Isla-untitled folder-0023.jpg
Lauren and Jordon-Lauren and Jordon-0023.jpg
Kev and Fi-Couple Shots-0002.jpg
Kev and Fi-Details-0014.jpg
Big Hairdo 2017-Big Hairdo-0065.jpg
barn on farm-barn on farm-0021.jpg
Lee and Ellie-Lee and Ellie-0033.jpg
Croatia-Croatia LR-0085.jpg
Croatia-Croatia LR-0041.jpg
Lee and Ellie-Lee and Ellie-0005.jpg
Lisa and Anthony-Leeson-0006.jpg
The Apocalypse-Priscilla-0002.jpg
Lisa and Anthony-Leeson-0035.jpg
Lisa and Anthony-Leeson-0018.jpg
Ellis Joel-Family-0023.jpg
Family shoot Meg-Meg-0015.jpg
Julie and James-Evening-0116.jpg
Family shoot Meg-Meg-0004.jpg
Julie and James-Prep-0068.jpg
Lauren and jordan-Groups-0044.jpg
Lucy-wetransfer e76381-0043.jpg
Lauren and jordan-Couple-0017.jpg
Laura M-66.jpg
Dana and Claire-wetransfer c14c33-0016.jpg
Lillie 6 months-wetransfer 987efa-0030.jpg
Laura-wetransfer 1a2b0d-0043.jpg
Meggie and ma-Meggie and ma-0088.jpg
Source: 100 OF 2017