// T H E A S Y L U M //

I have a bucket list, I keep it secret until I get an enquiry and then I can no longer contain the crazy :) Just by mad chance (still can’t believe this!) I found out last week that it was the open day at the Asylum Chapel, London. I wanted to scope it out for a future styled shoot so booked my tickets and forgot all about it. Then on Sunday evening I had an email drop into my box enquiring about a wedding there. Having to pinch myself rather hard I was wondering if my computer was bugged or something because what are the chances??

Anyway, I had my tickets, I now had a couple so off I went…

The venue is something that looks incredible in photographs but even more so in real life. the crumbling walls and the smell of history when you walk in is just incredible. It was night time when I arrived so I didn’t get to see the colours pouring in from the beautiful stained glass windows but that makes it exciting for the next time I get to go there.

I love this place. I’m a massive fan of American Horror Story and any other true crime, psychological thriller especially if it has loony bins involved so this was so worth the 4 hours travel on a school night. One more ticked off…. 10 more left :)

Asylum Chapel London City Wedding 14.jpg