// M O R Z I N E //

We went on holiday, it was good…. here’s the low down.

Three and a half years ago, we got married. Every day since that day, the expectation of when we were gonna crack out a mini human from my under carriage has been a hot topic. One which has taken us on a very long, exhausting and at times, all-consuming journey. We had lost ourselves. Completely and utterly. Forgotten what it was that brought us together, what it was that made us happy.

We had been wanting to go skiing for the best part of 7 years, always talked about it, but always said “oh, but what if…” This year, we decided enough was enough, and on the evening of the morning we found our first IVF was unsuccessful we had booked and paid for a ski holiday. F**k it. Life is too short to keep putting everything off waiting for something that is apparently better to come along. I know I talk about this a lot online, I may live to regret to one day but I hope that our outlook on life and determination not to let this break us serves as an inspiration to another couples experiencing what we have.

Rich had skied for the army, I had previously snowboarded about 12 years ago with an ex but spent the best part of my days on the slopes on my arse crying and instead getting pissed. So I decided to convert to skiing. Yes, it looks cooler to be a boarder, but not when I’m doing it.

I went to the Chill Factor for three full day lessons and after day one thought what the bloody hell have I got myself into, couldn’t bloody move, couldn’t bloody use a button lift… couldn’t be bloody arsed. Tough, it was booked and paid for, unless I was going to spend 7 days sledging with other peoples children I needed to grow up and figure this out.

Fast forward three weeks and I was shredding them slopes up like Eddie the eagle…. well not quite, but I could stand up on skies and get from top to bottom. That'll do, gravity can sort the rest.

So off we went….


Praying and hoping that some prick wouldn’t fly his Curry’s drone over Gatwick….

Arriving in Morzine was a bit of a shock, not a flake of snow to be seen, starting to worry that we’d be skateboarding down the mountains. As soon as we arrived we headed for our fave bar and the only one we know that sells our fave green beer. Next day we were up at the crack of a sparrows fart and first on the hill, to our surprise the snow was actually decent. Icy in patches but generally ok. After a few tantrums I got the hang of it and by day 3 I was zooming down the red runs at 42kmph.

Most days were spent with planning our adventures up various mountains, finding a nice blue or red run and repeating that a few times before our OAP legs got too knackered and we needed wine and pizza.

Excuse the husband - he never ever looks happy…. unless he’s eating…..

Thank god for hot tubs, because I was bruised to hell. Those chair lifts actually batter the back of your legs - violent buggers they are!!!.

and then just like that, it was over, and I got depressed and started to google the next holiday before I’d even packed the suitcase in the chalet….. we had the best time, absolutely knackered but in the most exilherating way, feel refreshed, inspired and we know that we will most definitely be back. Thanks to Alpine Elements who hosted us for the week.