// K I N B A N E //

A few weeks ago I flew over to Northern Ireland to photograph this gorgeous couple over at Kinbane Beach and castle. I was so spoilt for choice for photos, I wish Iā€™d been to the gym a little more before my trip though as the climb was a bloody killer. I was so surprised by how stunningly beautiful northern Ireland, and how much it resembled Iceland. Honestly, this place, Kinbane just looked like Vik Black Beach in Iceland, then from other angles like Ibiza. It has everything you could ever wish for a long weekend away.

I love elopements, and would love to do more, or even if you fancy escaping the hustle and bustle of your wedding day for 30 minutes to go to a nearby beauty spot and get some cracking photos like this then get in touch!

Flowers - Handmade from Asda and Lidl (yes really!)

Silk Ribbons - Bertie and Fred

Dress - Ivy and White Bride

Blanket - The Range

Hat - TopShop