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What happens if there’s a full on hurricane on my wedding day?

Stop.the.press.... I’ll tell you what happens, the day is frickin ruined, everything gets wet through, the food tastes like shite, everybody is grumpy, you hate your new husband or wife, life hates you and the you’ve clearly done something in a past life to piss somebody off!


Lake district winter elopement wedding LR-56.jpg



This is just an opportunity to say, “you know what? Let’s have a super awesome f**king amazing day, roll with it, get wet, jump in a freeezing cold lake, wear a fluffy jumper WITH a bridal skirt, Hell, even wear a sodding wooly hat and wreck my hair, but the best thing to wear is obviously the biggest smile. And think, “you know what? Who cares," we have two choices”. To sit in the corner with Uncle Bob and cry about how shit your £20k day is because of a bit of water, OR embrace it, enjoy it and make the most out of it” That doesn’t always mean stay indoors.

I’m aiming this blog post at the outdoorsy couples amongst you, the other day I organised a little project for myself. To demonstrate the potential of a rainy, miserable cold wedding day, and how to make the most of it.

The single most common question I get asked is

“What happens if/when it rains,”

To which I usually reply….

“water on the earths surface is heated by the sun, it evaporates and turns into vapour which rises into the air, it cools and then falls back down to earth just to ruin your life and literally rain on your parade.”

I don’t actually say that, but I do think it.

I can say that, because I was THAT bride that chose to get married in the Lakes, in May, knowing full well what that meant. I spent £200 on poncho favours, clear brollies and wellies for guests….. sods bloody law I got the sunniest day of the year….

If you’re getting married in the Lake District and you’re an outdoorsy couple, maybe think about the type of dress/suit you want to go for. I bought this beautiful Monsoon bridal skirt for £45.00 and fluffy white jumper from Next. Fay wore her £15.00 Primark boots and I got the wooly hat in the sale at Dorothy Perkins.

If you’re genuinely an outdoorsy couple, is prancing around in a three piece stiff tweed really reflective of you, or is it because “hashtag lake district wedding” pulls up a tirade of tweed loving boho couples on Pinterest

(I actually like tweed, so apologise if I’m coming off as a tweed hater, god forbid if the tweed is green… holy shiteballs - meltdown for Jo).

One should hope that if you’ve chosen the Lakes or Peaks or Scottish Highlands to get married it’s not just because you like the views or want to get one over on a friend who had an all-singing all-dancing la-de-da £50k shindig in a Scottish castle that was blogged in a magazine, it’s because you are at one with nature and genuinely have a passion for the outdoors. Why not show this and enjoy the mountains on your day? There are plenty of places within a 10 minutes drive where you can head off to for some epic pics.

Lake district winter elopement wedding LR-28.jpg

For example, here Fay and Nath live in Ambleside, I drove them 10 minutes up the struggle to the top of Kirkstone Pass, here we stayed for what what about 5 minutes because we got caught up in a hurricane.

I shoved a £3 Dorothy Perkins hat on the head, stole Nath’s button hole and shoved that in the hat to give it a bit of “wedding shizz” and then made them walk into gale force winds…. it was epic! hair everywhere, snot, red noses, streaming eye liner…. but seriously, who cares…. Kerry Baker, my awesome HMUA was on hand at every moment to touch up. A service that she offers to all of her brides and one that, if you are worried about this, you should consider.

(**Edit - it wasn’t actually a hurricane, but it felt like one, let me over dramatise just for one day please!)

Fay and Nath, bossed it like pros, they were up for anything, they even joked about getting into the Lake at Rydal. To which I saved in the deepest darkest depth on my scheming little brain and reminded them of an hour later :)

Being freezing cold makes you have cute snuggles, run up and down abandoned moors like crazy weirdos to keep warm, hair blowing everywhere and it brings out the adventurous side in your photos as opposed to the stand to attention firing squad line up type of photos from the 80’s. Fay and Nath are actually engaged and they are planning their own wedding for 2020, Fay said that this had given her some real food for thought because she was so confused about the limiting options that were available for the type of wedding they want. Dresses are so expensive, venues have limiting places for photos and the pressure to do what everybody expects . Doing this made her realise that she doesn’t have to conform to the “pinterest” norm.

Don’t think twice about heading to the local visitor attraction and worrying about what people will say when they see you strolling around in wedding attire. Who cares? Just do it. We parked at White Moss Car Park and walked a good half a mile to the edge of Grasmere Lake to have a play on the waters edge. It is February, it was blinking freezing yet Fay and Nath were incredible, shoes flung off, straight in the water splashing around like a pair of dolphins. Amazing!

*Although be aware, some places like to try and charge couples for having their photographs on their land (boo hoo) so always check in advance of your wedding that you have the right to mosey on down and use it as a backdrop. Most National Trust places are ok so long as there is no House or building. Woodland Trust seems ok too. If they do charge it is usually a donation out of courtesy which of course, we completely agree with as it is our beautiful countryside.

So there ya go, please stop stressing.

Now more about my suppliers for this shoot.

Kerry baker was my own MUA on my wedding day and I couldn’t recommend a more down to earth hard working and “takes no shite” lady. She’s like me, only good at applying makeup rather than what I do which is dive head first into my makeup bag and hope for the best.

Kerry offers a bespoke service where she will stay at your wedding all day (mainly because she likes talking to people and eating food, like we all do!) but she’s always on hand to top up makeup, tittivate your face and make you and your party look gorgeous even when the jagerbombs have other ideas. Just don’t vomit on her or else you’ll end up with a makeup brush applied to your body you didn’t think a makeup brush could go!

Kerry’s full day service:

This is a full day, 12 hour service which is the ultimate in VIP, celebrity experiences! Once your bridal party has been made over in the morning she follows you to your ceremony and reception venues, helping you in and out the car and watching for any troublesome puddles! Before you walk down the aisle she'll cast one last look over you and your girls to make sure you look perfect for your grand entrance!

 During the day she will be on hand to not only provide make up touch ups, but will attend to any concievable needs you may have with an SOS bag full to the brim with emergency supplies! Think of her as your personal assistant, ready to "prep and fluff" you and your bridal party (a brides description of what she did for her!)  and ensure you are picture perfect throughout the day. She is completely discreet, hovering in the background, always ready to help when needed while keeping a watchful eye on proceedings.

 Once your wedding breakfast is over, it's a great opportunity to "sneak away" for a short while and take a quick break! It's a long day. She can re-vamp your make up, sort out any stray hairs, freshen up, and even get you out of your dress for a bit, give you a breather! This is also open to any female wedding guests who she has made over in the morning, and is a lovely opportunity to enjoy a glass of champagne together. You'll emerge refreshed and ready to great your evening guests and enjoy dancing the night away with your new husband or wife.

Fays beautiful rings were lovingly donated to us by Sam Ryde who is an amazing nature inspired jeweller based in Nottingham, her designs are stunning, in my opinion, the more the merrier, we literally shoved as many on Fay as her little fingers could fit because we loved them all so much.

Flowers were designed by Bluebell and Ivy in Ulverston, South Lakes, with the brief - wild and windy… I think they managed that one perfectly. I absolutely love working with different suppliers and creating something different, my goal for 2019 is to prove to couples that you do not have to conform to the norm. With marriage ceremonies soon able to take place ANYWHERE, now more than ever we need to get out, get windy, wet, wild and have a wedding that WE want, not what Pinterest tells us to have. If you wanna wear a £3.00 Dorothy Perkins hat and Next Jumper to gallivant in the mountains, then blinking well do it.

It’s your day, do it your way.

Over and out. :)