I love family..... I spend an awful lot of time on my own when Rich is away working and my family live 140 miles away. It's a bit crap, but hey, when I'm not teaching or photographing I'm straight up the A1/M62 to see them.

To fill in those lonely gaps I go and photograph other people's happy families and today was no exception... fresh from a 9am cake smash I then travelled to Peterborough experiencing pretty much every weather system going... snow, sun, wind and rain in a 30 minute journey to meet 9 day old Charlotte and beautiful two year old Maddie who is adjusting to being a big sister.

I love talking to people, and love even more taking photos, so we had a chat, took some photos, played, watched Peppa pig, read the gruffalo, had a cushion fight, had a cuppa and completely destroyed a lovely clean house..... It's the jo effect :) 

Gorgeous family... Gorgeous photos