MODEL Contract 

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Model 1 Name: *
Model 1 Name:
Model 1 Phone number *
Model 1 Phone number
Model 2 Name:
Model 2 Name:
Model 2 Phone number *
Model 2 Phone number
Date of required shoot *
Date of required shoot
Please select the date that you are required to be photographed (not the date of arrival - if you have an overnight stay)
Engagement *
The model(s) agrees with the photographer(s) requirements for the shoot in return for the below:
The model(s) consents to the photographer(s) using the photographs
Restrictions *
The photographer(s) will abide by the following rules, please tick to confirm you understand:
The Model agrees that the terms of this Model Release Form are for the benefit of the Photographer and any licensee or assignee of the Photographer. The Model and the Photographer agree the additional terms specified in the Schedule (if any). By signing this Model Release Form, the Model confirms that the Model is at least 18 years old. This Model Release Form shall be governed by English law.
Model(s) to arrive at specified time: 9.30 am - Wednesday 11th April at The Merewood Country House Hotel, Ambleside Female model to arrive with clean hair and make-up applied. 9.30am - Thursday 12th April at The Wateredge Inn, Ambleside. Female model to arrive with clean hair and no make-up A full brief styles and clothing both provided and desired will be sent to you within the next two weeks. If you have any other questions please write below and we will try to answer them for you. Ladies please write down your dress size and shoe size:
We will provide a packed lunch during the days, please indicate if you have any special dietary requirements.
Please expand if necessary
Please provide your bank details below and we will transfer a £75.00 deposit to secure your services. If model(s) have to cancel due to sickness, traffic, weather conditions etc then they must refund the £75.00. In this situation all efforts must be made to put the photographers in contact with alternative models. The remaining money will be paid in cash at the end of the shoot.