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//  A    S P A D E  //


Apparently with me, a spade is spade... I guess that means you get what you see... or read in this case....

I'm Jo, I love to photograph, I have for a very long time, but only in recent years have I truly learned to love it and be more confident in myself and my abilities (I'm my worst critic - as most of us creatives are)

I don't specialise in any one particular area of photography although I mainly work on weddings and lifestyle shoots.

My style is very natural, very relaxed and I love to document events just as I see them.

I am based in Grantham Lincolnshire but will soon be relocating to Ulverston, Cumbria (South Lake District)

but I travel and take work on all over the country and abroad.



My dad bought me an SLR for my 18th birthday (no, I'm not telling you how long ago that was) I used it a few times, Playing around in the Lake District photographing rocks and things. One day, a good few years later, a friend of mine asked me to photograph his wedding.... Obviously I said no, unless he was happy looking like a rock, as that was the extent of my photography expertise. He kept nagging, so eventually I said yes, blimey, that was a stressful day... BUT.... I loved it! That got the ball rolling and the rest is history. I photographed my first wedding eleven years ago. I love every wedding I'm asked to photograph and I learn more and more in every one.


// ME //

I'm an unapologetic northerner through and through, a Preston Lass now living in Grantham because I met my husband on Match.com (that's romance for ya!) I'm happiest when I'm on top of a mountain, usually in the Lake District, with a peanut butter sandwich watching the world go by.  Even happier when I have my camera in my hands.

This is my therapy. I love to travel, be it a day trip to Yorkshire or Kathmandu to climb Everest Base Camp. I love cycling, I love National Trust beauty spots, I love exploring our stunningly beautiful country, I love bike rides to Blackpool with my Dad, family meet- in - the - middle hikes in The Peak District, random solo holidays (last year I went to explore Croatia on my own and this year i'm having a solo road trip to the west coast of scotland) I love making the most of life, meeting new people, meeting photographers, learning new things, Acupucture, Yoga, Designing, Gardening, Gin and Tonics, Sunflowers, Big Blue Lincolnshire Skies, Lancashire Rain......just life really... it's pretty cool sometimes. I live a very busy life, I often get asked how I do it, the answer is I don't know. I split my time between Preston visiting my family and in Grantham where I spend an awful lot of time on my own as my husband is away often. I guess this gives me time and space to crack on and work hard. Do it in my thirties so I can enjoy myself in my sixties.... ask me again in 25 years....


// IS THIS ALL I DO?  //

Nope! I'm a secondary school Design and Technology teacher. It obviously gives me the freedom to photograph in my spare time and generous holidays :)  Obviously this means that I am restricted with dates to school holidays if it is a weekday wedding. People ask me why don't I go full time. For a while I considered it but I decided that I love this so much that I never want it to become my means of survival through fear of falling out of love with it. In September 2018 I went part time to further pursue my photography love. So now i have Fridays available for photoshoots and weddings, please book me because it will get me out of doing the boring account stuff! haha!


// MY STYLE //

My style is natural, very natural. I photograph because I love observing people, not because I love technology. I work alongside other photographers when I can which enables me to practise and try new techniques and styles. I hated having my photos taken on my wedding day, it was awful, but my photographer was amazing.  She managed to get some natural shots of us even when I had my Chandler Bing face (Friends - for those of you who are too young to understand!) going on. 

I finish my art with a classic dark and slightly desaturated feel, I have an issue with greens being too bright, which I know, for an outdoorsy girl is weird, so expect a slightly muted green tone from me.

With this in mind, I try and get my couples to be natural, to interact with each other as if I wasn't there. I try to blend into the wedding party, get people having a laugh and try to capture the day in the most honest and truthful way possible. I believe your wedding day is real, it is not a photoshoot. So although the images are important, what is more important is that you spend time with loved ones, and especially your new soulmate as it goes SO fast!

It's my job to run around like a blue a***d fly to capture all those little moments, to not detract from your day or take you away from your family for too long.

I capture what I see, and I see a lot.....