second shooting contract

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second shooting

Thank you for offering to second shoot with me, I only take people I have met and trust and so if you have found yourself on this page and you’re interested in second shooting opportunities I run styled shoots under the name The Alternatives. Join this group and we can get to know each other.

My style

I am a very laid back photographer and expect the same from my second shooters. I would expect you to simply mill around, capturing candid moments. On some occasions I may have a specific task for you or ask you to cover a certain time frame if I am otherwise engaged with the couple or group shots. Other times I am simply employing you to be a second pair of eyes. I will communicate this with you on the day. Please do not bring OCF unless asked and please do not direct the couple unless asked. I will, where I’m able, give you some couple time with the client, although this is not always possible.


I thoroughly believe that the best way to learn is to watch how others do it, not necessarily meaning that they are better than you or more established than you but its good to see different practise and how different types of photographer work. So whilst pay is minimal, I’d like to think you will gain something much more valuable.


You will ideally shoot dual card. If you do, then one copy is to be handed to myself after the wedding, then returned int he post the following week. If you are shooting single card then you will hand over all cards to me at the end of the day. You will shoot RAW and have your cameras set to GMT.

I will cull your images and edit them in my style. Once the couples gallery is delivered you will be sent RAW files of every photo you took that is included in the final gallery (IE: If I include 80 images, you will receive 80 RAW files) You are only permitted to use the photos six weeks from when I deliver them to the clients. If you share on social media you are NOT permitted to tag the couple or follow the couple. You are not permitted to claim the photos as your own booking, or use them in a blog about a wedding that suggest this was your booking. If you use them on social media please tag my instagram and mention that you were second shooting for me.

public liability

Please ensure you have up to date Public Liability Insurance and product insurance for your equipment. I will not be held responsible for damage obtained to equipment whilst shooting a wedding with me.

sharing and social media usage

If the couple have signed the social media allowance in my contract then you are free to post a selection of images taken on the wedding date after 12 weeks from the date of the wedding. Please write in the post (second shooting for…. or taken whilst second shooting) I am happy for you to share on social media, it is YOUR work, you took the image and therefore creative license belongs to you, regardless of the fact that it was not your client. So long as they are images that I have approved and delivered to the couple) How you choose to edit your image is up to you. If the client has requested no social media sharing then this MUST be adhered to. However, as stated in my own contract you retain the right to post images of the venue, details and other images that contain no identifiable features or faces. Clients will not know the name of the second shooter, you are not allowed to add, follow or tag clients. Nor give them your business name or business cards. If a client tracks you down and requests images from yourself, do not respond and send the message directly to myself.


Payment for shooting will be completed one week prior to the wedding and be done via Bank transfer - please send an invoice to Jo Greenfield LTD, 28 Anson Close, grantham, Lincolnshire NG31 7EN

You will also be fed on the day of the wedding, either by the client or by myself it will be a standard meal up to £20 unless otherwise stated by the client.


If you cancel the contract because you get your own wedding then please let me know as soon as possible so that I can arrange for a new second shooter. If you cannot make the job due to illness please contract me at the earliest convenience so that I can arrange for another shooter. If I cancel on you within one month the date of the wedding then you are entitled to full payment of the agreed amount to cover losses.


The client will not be informed of who their second shooter is prior to the wedding. They will know first name basis only so that there are not mixed messages in the correspondence to the wedding. Second shooters are employed by the primary shooter and no correspondence between the second or the client is permitted.


Just be you, wear something comfy and have waterproofs on hand if needs be. Dress smart but comfy.


Contract will be printed and put into the clients file. You will receive full information of the wedding in the two weeks prior to the wedding or earlier if accommodation is required. You will get a copy of this form on the day of the wedding.

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I have read Jo Greenfield's Second shooter policy and I am aware of all the information and guidelines. Failure to abide by the social media policy of the client can result in legal action under GDPR. I therefore agree to Jo Greenfield's second shooting policy.