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Group shot list completed *
Have you sen to over a group shot list with your completed booking form, or downloaded the template from my website? Please ignore if you do not require any family groups shots. Please bare in mind that group shots take time, and are not my typical style of photography which means I do limit to 8 maximum group shots depending on the timing of your day - DO NOT INCLUDE MAIDS/GROOMSMEN because I will automatically do these shots for you, its FAMILY shots that need to be provided.
Itinerary Completed *
Please send over an itinerary for your day including the key features and timings of your wedding. If you have a wedding co-ordinator they should be able to send this to me or give me a copy on the morning of the wedding.
Speeches *
I need to know when speeches are planned so I can plan my break time and backing up period.
Couple Shots *
Have you planned an alternative venue for your couple shots or are you planning on having them at your reception venue:
Supplier Meal *
Are photographer (s) being fed a supplier meal or have a tab to buy their own meal. No worries if not, I (we) need to be prepared so we can bring food with us or allocate time to leave your wedding whilst you eat to get ourselves food. please let us know if there is access to food at your wedding. If you are supplying a supplier meal please ask the caterers to provide our meal with your starters, otherwise we have very little time to eat and backup before we need to work again.
Features of Day *
What are you having as part of your day?
Jo Greenfield and second shooter (if applicable) will strive to capture your day in the style and wishes of the client. In some rare cases some planned images may not be possible due to circumstances out of the photographers control. These circumstances may be: Weather Difficult or small venue Difficult guests Lateness of couple (delays to schedule) Jo Greenfield cannot be held accountable for things out of her control that may lead to images or documentary coverage being missed. Please select to acknowledge you are aware of these things.
The Coma Plan *
Are you fully aware of what to do and who to contact if for whatever reason Jo Greenfield does not turn up for your wedding day? (Not intended to scare you, but traffic collisions, injury or death are possible) Please refer to your booking form or my website under 'SMALL PRINT" to access the information needed.
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