jo greenfield: photographeR

Hey Hey! You made it here! I guess I’m supposed to talk about myself a little bit here, but I’ll save that for another page…. there’s quite a lot!

So for now, I’ll just say…. Hello! I’m Jo (that rhymes) and I like to photograph people, not in a weird way, just a normal people watching kinda way, I love fun, silliness, candids moments, and emotion. I love adventurous people who don’t take life too seriously. I utterly adore details. I cherish photographing the tiny things that mean something special. I understand first hand the level of emotion that goes into designing and planning the perfect day as I did it myself for my own wedding. The aim of this website is for you to get a feel of me, many many people can take beautiful wedding photographs but I find it’s more about a connection and personality. If I’m the right person to capture your day, AWESOME, if not, I wish you all the best for your special day, it honestly goes so fast but it is amazing. Cherish every second. :)


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