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Hey Hey! You made it here! I guess I’m supposed to talk about myself a little bit here, but I’ll save that for another page…. there’s quite a lot!

So for now, I’ll just say…. Hello! I’m Jo (that rhymes) and I like to photograph people, not in a weird way, just a normal people watching kinda way, I love fun, silliness, candids moments, and emotion. I love adventurous people who don’t take life too seriously (I was one of those serious types for many years and it didn’t do me any good) I utterly adore details. I cherish photographing trinkets that mean things. I nearly put myself into an early grave when I got married because I cut and stuck every single detail in painstaking glory, so I understand first hand the level of emotion that goes into designing and planning the perfect day. I try to capture this in my photographs so that when you look back in years to come, a little handwritten note that somebody gave you 5 minutes before you walked down the aisle that you’ve now lost, makes you cry. A funny wall hanging that formed lots of belly laughs between you and your bride tribe will give you the giggles when you’re 65. The aim of this site, for you to get a feel of me and understand why I do this and what makes me tick. Please have a gander and ask me anything. I like to chat :) If I’m the right person to capture your day, AWESOME, if not, I wish you all the best for your special day, it honestly goes so fast but it is amazing. Cherish every second. :)


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